What is Roboost AI?

Roboost AI is the semi-automated Robot Trading Forex with 5 years of historical trades. While having 5 years' experience is great we know that future events and markets can be different.

Professional Traders know that you can not use a fully automatic robot because the market is very volatile when it gets hit by news or an economic crisis. Roboost AI is monitored by our professional trader to avoid open trades when there is major news or economic crisis.

Roboost Power

robot AI ROI.png

ROI / Profit

Profit  up to 5%-15%/month

manager akun.png


Professional Trader constantly monitors the Robot

24 jam sehari.png

24 Hours

Robot makes transaction 24 hours a day for maximize profit

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Multiple Pairs up to 8 different FX Majors trade like EUR/USD 

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Risk Management

Proven Risk with 5 years history of transaction

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Automated Trading

Robot uses technical indicators to analyse short-term trends

Why Roboost AI?